These functions allow comparison of mesh3d objects, ignoring irrelevant differences.

compare_proxy.mesh3d can function as a compare_proxy method for the waldo package, by stripping out NULL components and ordering other components alphabetically by name.

all.equal.mesh3d compares mesh3d objects by using compare_proxy.mesh3d to standardize them, then using the regular all.equal function to compare them.

# S3 method for mesh3d
all.equal(target, current, ...)
compare_proxy.mesh3d(x, path = "x")


target, current

Two mesh3d objects to compare.


A single mesh3d object to standardize.


The string to use in a waldo display of this object.


Additional parameters to pass to all.equal.


all.equal.mesh3d returns TRUE, or a character vector describing (some of) the differences.

compare_proxy.mesh3d returns a list containing two components:


a copy of x with relevant components in alphabetical order.


a modification of the path label for x


waldo is not an installation requirement for rgl and rgl will never cause it to be loaded. The compare_proxy.mesh3d function will only be registered as a method for waldo::compare_proxy if you load waldo before rgl, as would normally happen during testing using testthat, or if you load it before calling mesh3d, as might happen if you are doing manual tests.