These functions create and plot a list of shapes.

shapelist3d(shapes, x = 0, y = NULL, z = NULL, size = 1, matrix = NULL, override = TRUE, 
            ..., plot = TRUE)



A single shape3d object, or a list of them.

x, y, z

Translation(s) to apply


Scaling(s) to apply


A single matrix transformation, or a list of them.


Whether the material properties should override the ones in the shapes.


Material properties to apply.


Whether to plot the result.


shapelist3d is a quick way to create a complex object made up of simpler ones. Each of the arguments shapes through override may be a vector of values (a list in the case of shapes or matrix). All values will be recycled to produce a list of shapes as long as the longest of them.

The xyz.coords function will be used to process the x, y and z arguments, so a matrix may be used as x to specify all three. If a vector is used for x but y or z is missing, default values of 0 will be used.

The "shapelist3d" class is simply a list of "shape3d" objects.

Methods for dot3d, wire3d, shade3d, translate3d, scale3d, and rotate3d are defined for these objects.


An object of class c("shapelist3d", "shape3d").


Duncan Murdoch

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shapelist3d(icosahedron3d(), x = rnorm(10), y = rnorm(10), z = rnorm(10), col = 1:5, size = 0.3)