Obsolete function to write the current scene to a collection of files that contain WebGL code to reproduce it in a browser. Please use rglwidget instead.

writeWebGL(dir = "webGL", filename = file.path(dir, "index.html"), 
           template = system.file(file.path("WebGL", "template.html"), package = "rgl"),
           prefix = "",
           snapshot = TRUE, commonParts = TRUE, reuse = NULL, 
           font = "Arial", width, height)



Where to write the files.


The filename to use for the main file.


The template web page to which to write the Javascript for the scene. See Details below.


An optional prefix to use on global identifiers in the scene; use different prefixes for different scenes displayed on the same web page. If not blank, it should be a legal identifier in Javascript and HTML.


Whether to include a snapshot of the scene, to be displayed in browsers that don't support WebGL, or a specification of the snapshot to use. See details below.


Whether to include parts that would be common to several figures on the same page. Currently this includes a reference to and copy of the CanvasMatrix.js file in the output.




The font to use for text.

width, height

The (optional) width and height in pixels of the image to display. If omitted, the par3d("windowRect") dimensions will be used.


This obsolete function writes out a web page containing Javascript that reconstructs the scene in WebGL. It will be formally deprecated in an upcoming release; you should use rglwidget instead in any new code, and start migrating old code there.

The remaining documentation has been removed to discourage use of this function.


The filename is returned.


Duncan Murdoch.


If commonParts is TRUE, the output includes a binary copy of the CanvasMatrix Javascript library. Its source (including the copyright notice and license for free use) is included in the file named by system.file("htmlwidgets/lib/CanvasMatrix.src.js", package = "rgl").

See also

rglwidget should be used instead of writeWebGL. Other functions which are related: scene3d saves a copy of a scene to an R variable; writeASY, writePLY, writeOBJ and writeSTL write the scene to a file in various other formats.