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tables 0.9.28

  • A factor level of "" caused an error when displayed. It will now be changed to " " for display (issue #19).
  • The VignetteBuilder field in DESCRIPTION has been changed to rmarkdown so that Pandoc can be found even when it is not on the PATH.
  • Another minor update due to changes to the formatters package.

tables 0.9.25

CRAN release: 2024-04-13

  • PlusMinus() and Paste() didn’t handle formatting properly when multiple columns were involved (issue #13).
  • toLatex() with a non-empty file argument didn’t write to file properly. (Reported by Reinhard Kerschner and F. Hortner.)
  • In some cases All() would give an error (issue #17).
  • toTinytable() function has been added to work with the tinytable package.
  • Minor update due to changes to the formatters package.

tables 0.9.17

CRAN release: 2023-05-02

tables 0.9.10

CRAN release: 2022-10-17

  • rbind() failed in a complicated example, because the classes or names of the column labels differed.
  • Error messages for rbind() and cbind() have been made more helpful.

tables 0.9.8

  • All() didn’t work with tibbles. (Reported by Vincent Arel-Bundock.)

tables 0.9.7

  • toHTML() was ignoring the file argument.

tables 0.9.4

CRAN release: 2020-08-28

  • Minor update to fix test note.

tables 0.9.3

CRAN release: 2020-05-26

  • Added latexTable() function, to provide captions, labels, etc.
  • Added knitrTable vignette.

tables 0.9

  • Reduced dependence on Hmisc.

tables 0.8.8

CRAN release: 2019-05-13

  • Updates to fix CRAN errors.

tables 0.8.7

CRAN release: 2018-11-11

  • Added … argument to toKable() so that options can be passed to control the conversion. (Thanks to Mary Putt for pointing out the need for this.)
  • Fixed bug in that failed if any columns were factors. (Reported by Daniel Farewell.)
  • Fixed incompatibility with new version of fancyvrb.
    (Thanks to Prof. Brian Ripley for working out the solution.)
  • Fixed incompatibility with rmarkdown/knitr new version.

tables 0.8.4

CRAN release: 2018-05-21

  • Added check for bad args to DropEmpty(), and fixed example which had them.
  • Added “nearData” argument to Heading() etc, to fix Hline() bug reported by Johannes Ranke.
  • Fixed bug in justification of row labels.
  • Fixed bug when statistic had the wrong length, reported by Stefan Marr.
  • Added toKable() function, for use with the kableExtra package.
  • Added knit_print.tabular() method, so that tabular objects will print with correct formatting in knitr documents.

tables 0.8

CRAN release: 2017-01-03

  • Allow editing of the row and column labels.
  • Added DropEmpty() pseudo-function.
  • Added AllObs() and RowNum() formula functions.
  • Added character.only argument to Heading() and Paste().

tables 0.7.91

  • Updated options for html.tabular to use better CSS and HTML5 in the tables.
  • Added an HTML vignette.
  • Fixed bug: functions prefixed by “pkg::” in formulas led to warning messages. (Reported by Lars Bishop.)

tables 0.7.88

  • Edited messages to allow internationalization. No translations added so far.

tables 0.7.87

  • Added “append” argument to latex.tabular() and html.tabular(), and made explicit that connections are allowed for the “file” argument. (Suggestion of Marc Halperin.)

tables 0.7.86

  • Fixed scoping bug: locally defined format functions were not always found. (Reported by Doug Ezra Morrison.)

tables 0.7.79

CRAN release: 2014-07-24

  • Added Equal() and Unequal() pseudo-functions for more flexible Percent() calculations.
  • Fixed bug in handling factors which had not excluded NA values.
  • Added “formula” attribute to tabular.formula results.
  • Added as.tabular() function.
  • Added Arguments() function to allow multi-argument analysis functions.

tables 0.7.68

  • Bug fix in setting up column headings (reported by Lars Bishop).

tables 0.7.67

  • The cbind() and rbind() methods now allow NULL in the list of arguments. (Suggestion of Jeff Newmiller.)
  • Added a note in the vignette about how to use RowFactor with nopagebreak in a longtable environment. (Based on some sleuthing by Jeffrey Miller.)
  • Added HTMLcaption to the table options to insert an HTML caption. (Suggestion of Joseph Larmarange.)

tables 0.7.64

CRAN release: 2013-11-12

  • Added support for HTML output.
  • Added support for extraction of subsets of the matrix.
  • Added Paste() function.
  • If a summary doesn’t produce a scalar value, formatting messed up the display. Now a warning will be issued and that cell will be displayed as or similar.
  • Added cbind() and rbind() methods for tabular objects.
  • The internal texify() function did not work properly.

tables 0.7.48

  • Default formatting now skips character cells.
  • Justification of labels in text mode wasn’t being done properly.

tables 0.7

CRAN release: 2012-12-14

  • RowFactor now allows spacing=1.
  • Specifications for justification in table_options() are now recycled.
  • Missing values were not handled correctly when computing counts, and when working with factors. (Reported by Manuel Reif.)
  • Added Percent() pseudo-function.
  • Cleaned up handling of row and column labels, especially in cases where rows with different column headings are summed.
  • Added optional parameter to Heading() to use it only if another hasn’t already been set.

tables 0.6

CRAN release: 2012-04-02

  • Fixed bug in column headings in print.tabular (reported by Tal Galili)
  • Added Factor().
  • Fixed bug with zero columns of row labels.
  • Added levelnames argument to RowFactor and Factor to allow label customization.
  • Added Multicolumn function.
  • Added as.matrix(), write.csv.tabular() and write.table.tabular() (suggestions of Greg Snow).
  • Added LaTeX escapes to text in the body or labels constructed by All() or the factor labels. (Suggestion of Dieter Menne.)
  • Added a caption to the longtable example. (Suggestion of Dieter Menne.)
  • Added the version number to the vignette title page.
  • Fixed RowFactor to add space before first row, not after last row. (Bug report from Dieter Menne.)
  • Made tabular() into a generic function. (Suggestion of Hadley Wickham.)
  • Added description of missing values to the vignette.
  • Fixed handling of data with an Hmisc “labelled” class attached. (Reported by Thomas MacFarland.)

tables 0.5

CRAN release: 2011-12-07

  • Planned CRAN release of all of the above

tables 0.4

  • Added All(), Literal() and RowFactor()
  • Added table_options() and booktabs() for booktabs support
  • Gave different defaults for row label justification and data justification
  • Suppress page breaks in RowFactor().
  • Allow options to be set temporarily in latex() call.
  • Added options to suppress parts of the output.

tables 0.3

CRAN release: 2011-11-29

  • Renamed from “tabular” to “tables”, put on R-forge

tables 0.2

  • First reasonably complete release

tables 0.1

  • First alpha version with Hmisc support

tables 0.0

  • Various abortive attempts